Pillars of Eternity how is the game play and does control truly hinder the game itself?

Pillars of Eternity’s port to the Switch is a great port indeed. It brings the modern classic to the handheld scene for on the go awesomeness. The only lacking feature of this

Damsel is a cute little game that anyone can get into

Damsel is a cute little game that anyone can get into. There is no blood and guts as the vampires disappear into a cloud of smoke when defeated. The story is amusing

Our Hamsterdam – Muse Games charming new brawler Kung-Fu hamster

Hamsterdam follows the adventures of Pimm, a Kung-Fu hamster. After watching the city of Hamsterdam fall to the crooked crime boss Marlo, it’s time to battle some unfriendly furries in this simply

Middle Earth Shadow of War

Ferrari is “not happy yet” with the proposed 2021 Formula 1 regulations and is pushing back against standardisation, according to team boss Mattia Binotto. F1 owner Liberty has been keen to put

Metal Wolf Chaos a blast from the past

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a blast from the past that sometimes leaves you wondering if the past should stay buried. It is a neat little shooter with some fun mechanics and

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses asks a lot of you. Every piece, from battle to friendships to training your units, must be managed both individually and as part of a whole. It can

Age Of Wonders Planetfall – robust package for 4X players

Age of Wonders: Planetfall offers a different perspective. Instead of conquering a new world, you are returning home ages after a calamity drove your ancestors away. There is still war to be

The Forbidden Arts – Controls, art, music, writing, player experience

The Forbidden Arts, I always need to look up the company behind a game before I review, for me, it’s a must. Stingbot games is a tiny indie company, which means it

Madden 20 – Superstar Edition

Overall, Madden 20 is one of the better Madden games I have played in the last few years. The gameplay feels better and the story mode is a nice touch to a

Sky Children Of The Light

Playing Sky is incredibly similar to Journey. You control a robed figure, recognizable as a small child, and navigate a series of small environments connected only by the constellations in the stars