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Journey to the Savage Planet is an offbeat adventure game set in the farthest reaches of the known galaxy

A fun and quirky title that combines elements of puzzle platforming, rogue likes, and narrative titles all bundled up into an oddball tin can and fired off past Jupiter. Journey to the

140 on the Nintendo Switch is still the same award winning rhythmic platformer

140 on the Nintendo Switch is still the same award winning rhythmic platformer, now on the Switch! 140 provides simplistic controls in conjunction with challenging beat-based puzzle-platformer action that will take players

WarpThrough’s story is simplistic in nature, with little dialog points and fewer story-driven choice mechanics

WarpThrough is an indie arcade gem. The restriction to stop moving in order to attack is deceptive in that, it’s the attacks and the characters themselves that define the skill required to

The Forbidden Arts – Controls, art, music, writing, player experience

The Forbidden Arts, I always need to look up the company behind a game before I review, for me, it’s a must. Stingbot games is a tiny indie company, which means it

Warlocks 2 – God Slayers

Warlocks 2 brings a beautifully crafted pixel world to life in a not so unique fashion as a RPG Platformer. The team could learn a couple things from other popular platformers to

Effie – most complex action-adventure-platformer game

Effie isn’t the most complex action-adventure-platformer out there, and it isn’t the most challenging. In this case, the lack of these features actually work well, as Effie delivers on a game where

Another Sight Weaves Tail or Two – visuals are breathtaking and the visual storytelling is ingenious

Another Sight is a deeply original tale that rewards players for taking a more leisurely stroll through its world. The visuals are breathtaking and the visual storytelling is ingenious. The symbiotic relationship

My Friend Pedro – a run and gun experience game

I first got to unpeel My Friend Pedro back at EGX Rezzed 2019 and to say I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of this yellow sidekick to my screen is an understatement.

HOB Switch Review – Not many RPG claim truly world changing

Way back during Gamescom 2016, I found Hob tacked on the end of a Perfect World booth, overshadowed by the ill-fated Gigantic. While publisher Perfect World may not have given it worth