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The latest Call of Duty from Infinity Ward shipped without an answer to Black Ops 4’s Blackout

The latest Call of Duty from Infinity Ward shipped without an answer to Black Ops 4’s Blackout, but it has since been supplemented by Warzone–a completely standalone battle royale built off of

Doom Eternal makes you feel like a monster-shredding badass–not just because you’re the strongest Doom Slayer

Doom Eternal feels like a big step forward in making the franchise something new: It’s a master class in demon dismemberment after the introductory course to ripping and tearing of four years

Mindseize is a solid metroidvania that lacks spark and memorable characters

My final list would be pretty close to what I found in Mindseize. It’s a decent one, too. Solid, even. And, for all that, just a little bit dull. There’s nothing wrong,

The board game Carcassonne was published in German exactly 20 years ago, by Hans im Glück and is currently maintained by Z-Man Games

If you’re looking for a strategy game with a medieval theme to play with your buddies, I’d highly suggest giving Carcassonne a chance. It has high replayability and with the multiple expansion

Broken Lines is the latest game from indie developer Portaplay, set in an Alternate history of WW1

If you are a fan of strategy games this is a great entry for the genre. Regardless of if you prefer turn-based or real-time, this game is worth checking out. You will

Dota Underlords is a thrilling game that promotes layered strategy, mental acuity

Dota 2 Auto Chess. A custom game mod built using Dota 2 itself, Auto Chess was another product of the endless iteration found in the custom map modding scene–Dota was born out

Character build viability that keep Wolcen from fulfilling its enticing promise of a free-form ARPG

Wolcen’s opening obscures some of its more novel ideas, with a stale and predictable narrative that makes it feel generic. You play as one of three siblings born and bred for battle,

The Pedestrian executes its charming premise well, with just enough complexity to keep your brain pleasantly stimulated

There’s a real freshness to The Pedestrian’s take on puzzle-platforming and world manipulation. The constant introduction of new, sometimes surprisingly complex ideas means there’s enough to keep you moving through the nicely

Through the Darkest of Times is billed as a historical resistance strategy game and plays out akin to a kind of narrative boardgame

Through the Darkest of Times paints what feels like an accurate portrait of life in Nazi Germany. Cherry-picking major events, like the Reichstag Fire or the opening ceremony of the Olympics, it

Stoneshard is a brutal turn-based RPG, available now on Steam in Early Access

Stoneshard only improves in the future and will eventually leave Early Access as a robust, feature-filled experience. For now, I would probably steer clear however and wait for the improvements to come