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Sparklite sees a world where constant earthquakes shake up environments and the only true refuge is in the sky

Sparklite is a 2D roguelite whose bright and vivid pixel art environments feature prominently. The main world is shrouded when you first enter it and is divided into squares which take up

Need for Speed Heat enjoyable game with many features how does stack up with its predecessors?

Need for Speed Heat was a fully enjoyable game with many features that help keep the game from getting stale or boring. With the ability to use Studio App to design cars

Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020 youre going to love playing this game

Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020 From Publisher and Developer Sega comes the next installment into the Mario and Sonic Olympics franchise. In this new release, we are going on

Astrologaster – Calm, Soothing Aura to the Game

Astrologaster is not a game that is meant to be rushed through. The moving, paper-doll like characters have small quirks and ticks that you notice in their movements and facial features. The

Fade of Silence – Is it One of the Best Survival Game?

Fade to silence game culminates into an expert combination of storytelling, survival, and community management, leaving me quite satisfied with the result. True, there are a lot of survival games out there,