War Tech Fighters – is one of the more fun games


War Tech Fighters game is one of the more fun games that I have reviewed in the last year. I love the Gundam Wing feel to the game and how it incorporates the smaller vessels and other capital ships into the fights as well. You look through the viewport of your vehicle and see enemy forces flashing into the sector. Support ships come under fire as you watch the darkness of space turn into a wash of firefights. There are explosions so close that they rock you back and forth in your seat. Igniting your engines, you begin your flight into the battle and right at the closest enemy ships taking a few hits as you go. Rockets are launched and hit their targets with huge explosions.

From Developer Drakkar Dev and Publisher, Green Man Gaming comes the next game wanting to capitalize on a Gundam Wing type game. Now don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a Gundam Wing title, and companies trying to mimic that style is fine with me as long as they do it right. War Tech Fighters is a game based in space, and you are fighting for the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares against the Zatros Empire. You are destined to become the greatest War Tech pilot in the galaxy.

Equipped with a giant War Tech, you will fly into each battle equipped with the best gear you can afford. Your mech is upgradeable and expandable. With each piece of new armor from your legs, to your arms, your head, and your body, your mech will grow bigger and more powerful. You are able to equip better weapons as you go as well. There are single rockets, to quad rockets, small cannons to bigger higher caliber weapons. You truly become a force to be reckoned with.

WarTechFighters, #xgamezones

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