Terraria – Adventure, Mining, and Interior Design at Home Game


If you haven’t played Terraria, but are looking for an entry point that marries some mobile conveniences with the console experience, Terraria on the Nintendo Switch is a great place for you to begin your journey. The touch screen controls, while more challenging for precise building, add a positive dimension to the crafting and inventory management systems. While multiplayer support is limited to live services at launch, when you pair the aforementioned quality of life features with the tried-and-true gameplay experience that Terraria has developed over these past eight years, you have a winning formula.

With experience on mobile platforms like iOS and the console market, Re-logic has rereleased this juggernaut onto the perfect marriage of both the mobile and home console: the Nintendo Switch. Within this review, we will be covering just how well Terraria translates and whether or not this is the right platform for all of your 2D building, exploring, and home decorating needs. This is our review of Terraria on Nintendo Switch. To preface this review, I have been playing Terraria from the beginning with countless hours logged and many, many worlds explored on multiple platforms. While I may draw parallels to the PC version (which has been the lion’s share of my experience), make no mistake that Terraria for Switch stands on its own two feet as a great blend of console convenience with touch screen innovations.

One of the challenges that I have experienced playing Terraria on the console is that I found myself missing the speed and precision of the keyboard and mouse. While the console versions make up for this with two switchable cursor modes, it just felt foreign. The Switch takes advantage of the touch screen in handheld mode by allowing you to touch, pinch, tap, and drag to manage inventory items, craft, use items on the hotbar, equip items and more. These quality of life feature more than corrects for the differences speed and control between the PC and console versions… at least when dealing with inventory management. Building is another story all together. While using the touch to build or mine, you will get a magnified area around the area you are targeting, but I have big fingers. A stylus may prove to be a bit more useful than a finger if you are looking to use the touch features to build. That being said, I don’t mind switching to the thumbtacks for building and precise mining. While it is a bit slower, Terraria is not generally a game that you play to speed run; it’s about the journey.

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