Doom – Does game offers a smooth, slick gameplay experience?


Doom Collection on Switch is a treat to own. It has literally provided several hours of entertainment. Each game offers a smooth, slick gameplay experience and offers players some serious bang for the buck. Despite the sleep mode issue, all three titles are worth picking up if you’re a fan of the series and are looking to introduce some Demons to the business end of a double-barrel. Since its original 1993 release, Doom remains a true classic and the grandpappy of the FPS genre. It hasn’t lost any of its intensity over the years with its speed and gunplay feeling crisp and responsive on the Nintendo Switch. The game comes packed with the three original campaigns as well as the 1995 Episode Thy Flesh Consumed. As an added fun fact, Thy Flesh Consumed was the first contributions of Tim Willits and was unique in that every level was inspired by a verse from the Bible(thank you Wikipedia). The gameplay and controls work flawlessly on the Nintendo Switch port and with full rumble support, blasting Demons feels right at home on this portable console. The game performs exceptionally well with no frame rate drops or gameplay bugs. It really was an excellent experience to play through.

I tracked this down to a Bethesda authentication issue. Once again, as of the time of writing if you sign in to your Slayerclub account, every time the game fires back up it needs to authenticate. For whatever reason, the game locks up and has to be restarted. The workaround is to either disconnect the Switch from the internet or simply exit out of the game every time you’re done playing. It’s a bit frustrating but something that will hopefully be patched out in an update. Despite this issue, Doom I is still a whole lot of fun on the Switch and I would still recommend picking it up. If you grew up on the title or have ever wanted to know where the roots of the genre really came from, Doom I is definitely worth the purchase.

Much like its predecessor, Doom II hits me in the Nostalgia feels. Originally built on the same engine, the game added some new features including some more in-depth level design, interesting new monsters to destroy and most importantly the Double Barrel Shotgun. As with its predecessor, Doom II feels right at home on the Switch. It plays seamlessly on the little console that could and the controls and rumble are back for this second outing. The game comes packed with the original title as well as the Master Levels which were 20 additional levels created by fans under the guidance of the development team. Unfortunately, it is also plagued by the bug meaning that until it is patched out, you’ll need to rely on the above-mentioned workarounds to get through the game. It’s a bit of a frustrating issue but worth working through to have access to this classic on the Switch.

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