Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter


Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter that’s all about loot, “in-your-face” art work and the sassiest of sass. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, Borderlands 3 launched on September 13th and I jumped in not long after the vault gates opened. Now what you might not know is that this author is not traditionally an FPS gamer – so what on earth am I doing in here? Right up until 5 minutes after launch I was back and forth over whether to play. I mean, I bought Borderlands 1 and 2 three years ago because this series is one of my partners favorite FPS games however I haven’t played more than two hours. Even though I adored the boldness of it in personality and design, it just wasn’t much fun on my own. So here I was excited as can be on the launch day of Borderlands 3, prepared to watch my partner play instead and then the music started and I was bowled over by the grittiness of it, it was my jam and I needed more of it! The Epic store won a new customer, I wanted to kiss my Google fiber for how fast it installed and within minutes I was in the game ready to conquer Pandora as Amara.

The playable characters of Borderlands 3 draw you in immediately, making it easy for you to decide that you will level them all eventually. I chose Amara as my first main character because everything about her is my kind of aesthetic – exotic, fearless, confident; yet mysterious. I knew nothing of her skills or lore on day one, which turned out to be hours of me squealing in wonder, surprise, and laughter. Everything was fascinating, even Claptrap! From this sentence forward my partner in crime is now known as FL4K. When I realized Amara was a Siren I was ecstatic, we were made for each other! Everything about her became even more endearing as I leveled but I was also learning fast that Borderlands is all about personality and there are some brilliant minded developers that have done an exceptional job drawing upon the best of every kind of good/evil that has ever existed-then placed them strategically throughout this games world. From underwear-clad accountants to super-villain level wealthy spinsters, there is something memorable in every non-playable character (NPC) you come across. The one-liners, punch lines and brashness peppered throughout dialogue follows quickly with shock, laughter or both. I was eager within minutes to meet every single one of them which took me completely by surprise. It has been some years since I have so naturally become absorbed in a game, maybe even longer since I have laughed so heartily or willingly become as absorbed in a game as I have Borderlands 3.

I have been playing this chunk of my game in Ultra settings. I will now be playing in Bad Ass settings to give me a clearer idea of how much impact this game’s settings have so we will get back to this next week. You can check out my computer specs in my profile below. As it is now I am having trouble seeing some NPC’s during combat especially the “man-babies” that pop up out of nowhere like mini-ninjas because VFX (visual effects) hides them really well. Otherwise, the contrast between 2D cartoon, 3D realism, and the spooky Lilith and Tannis “real-eyes” additions add layered art design that’s very appealing. The slow-motion intro’s to bosses and main NPC’s along with the vintage montage that highlights everyone/thing important are pure gold which unfortunately points out a major flaw for those who love taking screenshots or captioning game play like I do. Amara has some incredible animations however I never get to see them myself even in Photomode or taking video captions. Speaking of Photomode I am devastated to just realize that all my pictures taken with this mode have the UI still on them so the photos are ruined. I never thought to check as I have never used a game Photomode that didn’t hide any UI. I also use Nvidia gallery so fingers crossed I find some photo’s there for this review.

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