Borderlands 3 Release Date Leaks


Borderlands 3 had weeks of build-up for a PAX East announcement that put a proverbial ring on it, officially announcing the anticipated loot-shooter. But while we did get a trailer showcasing the game, there weren’t many other details shared beyond that, leaving us to wait for additional information to be shared on April 3. Before that could happen, though, it seems that Gearbox may have accidentally revealed one of the most crucial bits of information: the game’s release date.

The official Borderlands account tweeted (and subsequently deleted) word that the game is coming on September 13, and teased a Gold Weapon Skins Pack for pre-orders. The tweet is still visible through, so we can say with certainty that it did exist at one point. Another tweet made a second mention of a Gold Weapons Skins pack, and yet another contained a video ad that showed the Epic Store logo. This suggests the game may be the latest to see an exclusive release there, rather than on Steam.

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