Avicii Invector is a high intensity rhythmic game centered around


Avicii Invector is a high intensity rhythmic game centered around the largely praised electronic musician Avicii. The tap-to-the-beat game play coincides with many of Avicii’s greatest works, joyfully playing against an illuminated theme park track, that is reminiscent of the EDM scene as a whole. Although the story in Avicii Invector leaves much to be desired, and some higher difficulties will prove too challenging for the fledgling rhythmic gamer, Avicii Invector is a faithful tribute to the late musician and his work. Whether you are an Electronic Dance Music fan or not, there is a good chance that you’ve heard an Avicii song or two in your life. There is no denying that Avicii was, and still is, a major influence in the EDM scene, and Hello There Games unabashedly found a way to translate the popular beats into a rhythmic video game. Did Hello There Games do more than just make some pixels dance to the tune of a glorified Avicii album?

Avicii Invector is a rhythmic, tap-to-the-beat title akin to Rock Band, that follows the EDM styling of renowned Electronic Artist Avicii. As one would expect, the game revolves heavily around Avicii’s catalog, bringing well-known titles to the forefront of a frenzied button tapping theme park ride. Players take control of a space ship piloted by Collector Pilot H45H1M, as they careen to the music through levels, hoping to obtain enough points to unlock the next level, as well as the next portion of the story. As players should expect from rhythmic game progression, the harder the levels, the more buttons, twists, and turns they throw in your way to increase the difficulty. Some levels such as You Be Love aren’t as hard-charging as more up-tempo songs, yet still provides ample challenges, even on the easy difficulty. I found that most songs on the easy difficulty were enjoyable, and very few times would falling off of the beat result in completely demolishing your score to the point where you couldn’t progress to the next level. At worst, for songs like Wake Me Up, there were moments I fell off the rhythmic trail, only to find that I could pull myself back in through one of the short breaks in the song where you can navigate your ship through several floating circles. Unfortunately, on the tougher difficulties, where new buttons are added, I found it nearly impossible to recover, and many times I found it hard to even find an association between the beat and the buttons I was pressing successfully. Some of my favorite parts of Avicii Invector are when you just happen to get on a roll with your button presses, and you happen to hit a point where you’re about to get to a crescendo, the beat is about to drop and you get a notification to shake your controller for a speed boost. All of these circumstances culminate in a euphoric sense of being a part of the music, which is a masterful success in the way these songs are meant to make people feel. Hello There Games executed the connection to Avicii’s work brilliantly in the vast majority of the songs present in Avicii Invector.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect with this rhythmic gem. The story is a bonus, which is supposed to connect the songs into a narrative, but it feels mostly like an afterthought that adds very little to the game. Another issue I had, dealt with the control scheme. While I wasn’t averse to not being able to remap the buttons, it would have been great if I could have at least inverted the Y-Axis thumbstick, as us veteran gamers grew up on inverted views. Both of those are minor issues in comparison to the stark difficulty curve, which sometimes added buttons in areas that didn’t feel organic with the song. Avicii Invector is a fantastic testament to the work of Avicii and deserves recognition for the exceptional way Hello There Games manages to bond the late musicians work to gamers and non-gamers in this rhythmic-action title. While Avicii is the star here, the inclusion of additional difficulties and multiplayer does increase the likelihood that you’ll take the journey through his melodies a few times before shelving it.

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