A Plague tale: Innocence – not a game you will soon forget or want to pass by


Asobo Studio brings together a culmination of stunningly beautiful art, hauntingly lovely music, and a wonderfully crafted, heart-wrenching story of a young girl and her brother as they live through the eradication of their family and become targets of the Inquisition during a plague-ridden time period. A Plague Tale: Innocense is not a game you will soon forget or want to pass by.

Her home stormed by the Inquisition, her parents brutally murdered as she watched, Amicia is left with nothing but her estranged and very young sibling, Hugo, and a perilous flight for her their lives. This is the context we find ourselves in within the first twenty minutes of Asobo Studio’s beautifully rendered A Plague Tale: Innocence. This deep, heartbreaking story is masterfully shown and brought drastically and startlingly to life in a journey that must be experienced. In the next few paragraphs, we will attempt to give you a peek into this masterpiece of a game.

Visually, this game is breathtakingly beautiful, something I would attribute true artistic mastery and the gameplay mechanics meld nearly seamlessly into it, giving way to a depth of immersion most games cannot compare to. Every step of the Amicia and Hugo’s journey is rendered in such stunning exquisiteness that even its darkest moments are astonishing to behold. The sound and music, composed by Olivier Deriviére, perfectly compliments the hauntingly striking visuals and will complete the player’s and viewers step into this grim but lovely tableau. The gameplay is simple, and for the most part intuitive. I did have some issues with the accuracy of control with the analog sticks causing me to all-to-easily slide past doorways I had meant to go through, or items I had intended to interact with. Full disclosure, I always have issues with analog controllers, so keep that in mind.

APlagueTale, PS4, #xgamezones

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