Rock of Ages 2 – Smashing a Boulder into Various Civilizations


You might remember Rock of Ages as a crazy game where you flattened history by smashing a boulder into various civilizations. Now the boulder is back, and ready to smash its way through more historical references, and this time you can even squish your friends.

Much like its predecessor, the game comes in two parts. The first part is a tower defense game. Where you get to litter your opponent’s runway with all sorts of tricks and traps to damage their boulder as it rushes toward your castle. The second part involves you carefully meandering your own boulder through all the traps the enemy has set down in part one, before hurtling yourself at the enemy gates. Do enough damage to the gate and you’re free to roll in and squish your opponent, before dancing on their newly flattened body.

Each stage is beautifully created to fit with its historical theme. Some stages look like a scenic oil painting, while others look like ancient Greek pottery art. Every stage looks great and has the musical score to match. Players will definitely encounter the feeling of ‘I know this music, but I don’t know what it’s called.

RockOfAges2, Nintendo, #xgamezones

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