Woven is the poster child for cozy gaming that makes you want to just slow down


Woven is the poster child for cozy gaming that makes you want to just slow down and savor precious moments. What makes this game even more remarkable though is how ingenious solving puzzles are. The idea of soft toys being like Transformers that convert into superhero’s (disguised as other stuffed animals, not cars) is just brilliant. I hope Alterego Games merchandise actual toys that can be interchangeable in this way, that sounds like a gold mine waiting to be discovered just like this game. remember when Alterego Games put Woven onto Kickstarter in 2016 – the game looked promisingly adorable even then and although the kickstarting goal wasn’t reached I wondered often how such a game, such a vivid world would play. Well, now I don’t have to wonder anymore as we are ready to knit together.

Woven is an adventure puzzler that you journey through as a cute, clumsy stuffed animal named Stuffy who befriends a metal firefly buddy named Glitch. With Glitch, you soon learn about secret caves and lost memories quickly realizing that the name of the game is to unravel the mystery of your past. The land textures are vibrant and charming, all sewn together with a rhyming narrative. Blueprints are the focus of your attention as you come to understand that you can knit, dye, sew and craft Stuffy to take on the form of other animals who come with special abilities required to pass the next puzzle. These connections alone weave an enchanting story but its the collection of colors, textures, and patterns that add some “catch em all” excitement, followed by the world that offers you a cozy blanket (quite literally) in all it’s fabric glory to wrap your imagination up in leaving a charming impression. Stuffy himself also tugs at your heartstrings. The way he looks up at your camera when you accidentally turn the wrong way, or the way he watches Glitch sleepily as he dawdles along never in a hurry.

I found myself smiling without even realizing it, just click pointing away to maneuver the map as I learn what to scan and push, stomp or bellow. Woven has all the right ingredients to suit any age but for you who might take the time to read this review, I think you’d want to play it to relax and unwind from that hectic day at the office/in class or even better – play it with your kids over cocoa during the holidays. If you’re needing a slice of comfort wrapped in poetry or some good old fashion handcrafting even in a digitally dominant world where machines are trying to take over – Woven is perfect for you to slow down and just breathe in all the possibilities.

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