What does Seven: Enhanced Edition bring to the table?


There’s a lot to unpack, It’s head crushingly deep, and those of us who enjoy the fast-paced roguelike stealth ‘em up will find a boat load to love about it. Under the clunky UI and questionable progression choices there is a gem of a game that will offer dozens of hours of exploration, questing and a story in a world that’ll have you dreaming of electric sheep all night long.

If there’s one thing that old school RPG fans like to do, it’s to tell the whipper snappers out there that RPGs were better back when it was also top down, isometric, and sometimes even turned based. InXile and Obsidian led the charge a few years back with the mighty Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity, while Harebrained Schemes relentlessly threw Shadowrun game after Shadowrun game at us.

Those of us who truly feared 3D and ray tracing in our graphics had a safe refuge. So, what does Seven: Enhanced Edition bring to the table?

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