Team Sonic Racing – Exciting Innovations and Cooperative Features Racing Game


As a single-player experience, Team Sonic Racing is a competent, if entirely derivative, kart racer with a great cast of characters and vibrant, inventive tracks. But in multiplayer modes, it excels and stands out in its crowded field with new and exciting innovations and cooperative features that challenge the tried-and-true formula.

In the Mario Kart dominated kart racing genre, it takes a polished, innovative, crowd-friendly product to really stand out. Team Sonic may be the most prolific of Mario Kart’s competition, but we’ve yet to see a Sonic racing game reach quite the creative heights and cultural resonance as any of Nintendo’s first-party generational releases. Team Sonic Racing is a strong effort, combing stellar track design and innovative teamwork design to deliver a solid multiplayer experience, but it’s hindered by its busyness and some frustrating technical faults.

The roster of 15 characters is entirely comprised of characters from the Sonic franchise, as opposed to other Sonic racing games that include characters from the broader Sega universe. Team Sonic Racing’s 21 playable courses are varied and well-designed, if not overly inviting to new players unfamiliar with the twists, turns, and unexpected hurdles.

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