Rage 2 – Story Revolves Around a Giant Meteor


Rage 2 is a great game for the right reasons. If you’re looking for a game with a phenomenal story, you’re in the wrong place. The story is boring to me, and rather short at 13 hours of leisurely gameplay. At the very least it doesn’t drop off the planet like Rage did. Gameplay is fun, and vehicle combat works well, giving you an open world Mad Max-esque experience that is simply enjoyable and hard to put down.

Those familiar with the series know the story revolves around a giant meteor wiping out civilization as we know it. The main antagonist of the game, the Authority, is back to plague us again with mediocrity. The main story quests are dull and not too exciting, but at the very least you know what’s going to happen. Unlike the first game, it doesn’t simply drop off the planet on you, so there is that. Note that not only do I think the story is boring and rather lacking, it is also very short. I totaled 13 hours of play time to beat just the main story campaign.

While I’m critical about the story, the game itself is rather fun. You get brought back into the world of Rage with all new systems at hand to play with. You see familiar faces, and weapons such as the Wingstick, plus new mechanics such as the vehicle combat! They took Rage and turned it into an open world Mad Max-esque playground. With a vibrant world and a combat system that leaves you fulfilled, it’s hard to put the game down.

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