Project Nimbus – Set in a post-apocalyptic future


Project Nimbus, Complete Edition is largely the work of GameTomo and comes with a number of enhancements over its original incarnation. Despite the new play modes, the Switch version of this mecha simulator still retains the same epic space opera that Gundam fans will recognize. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, three factions vie for control on an Earth that continues to suffer the after-effects of a massive world war. Western and eastern fronts have solidified into the US-led CFN and the Russian led UCN. Festering in their shadow is a rogue element of dissidents known as the Children of Fallen Nations, a disgruntled but dangerous enemy born from the ashes of those suffering in the wake of these powers.

With a typical storyline that would snap into any Gunpla diorama, Project Nimbus does not seem to take too many liberties on the Switch. It presents players with the same multi-act campaign as the PC version. Players experience this story through pre-flight briefings, audio logs, and even the odd anime intermission. It all leans quite heavily on ideas taken from the Ace Combat series. This does take some time to settle into and the story campaign doesn’t can mean that the single-player campaign suffers a little, veering between points of view and giving little character to latch onto. It does, however, allow players to get into the action without too much delay.

Starting out with some relatively light missions, the single-player missions throw pilots into a series of mechs and quickly drill players in the basics of combat. The initial combat operations mainly focus on linear escort and attack scenarios that send waves of enemies after the player and their target. This does not change much, even while the game jumps from one faction to another and it isn’t until later in the game that missions get a little more variety, meaning you will have to be happy exploring combat options and learning the layout of your cockpit.

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