Pixark – Graphically Friendly Version of Ark


PixArk is a very graphically friendly version of Ark from Developer Snail Games USA and Publisher Snail comes a hybrid survival game that will give you feels of Minecraft and Ark. It was originally released for Windows with single and multiplayer modes, and now it has evolved to a game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as well. So let’s go and explore the game. I feel it was a very fun port of a game that I spent a little bit of time with.

From the moment you launch the game, you have this feeling of wow this is Minecraft. Once you begin playing the game you will definitely see the Ark gaming model built inside. You have everything from your character leveling system, to the crafting system with engrams, to building huts and boats in the world itself. Personally, I have played a lot of Minecraft in the past as well as some Ark, and I love what they were able to accomplish with a pixelated world. This review is based on the Switch copy and I will tell you a few things. Playing this on Switch would be difficult if not for the ability to use your touch screen. When you try to move around the menus with the D-Pad you will notice that your selector does not always go where you want it to. This can get very frustrating from a first playthrough perspective. Being able to tap the screen is a good decision on this system.

So, similarly to Minecraft, you can dig the ground out and use it if you wish. I spent some time building dirt huts to keep the creatures away until I figured out all of the controls in the game. Buttons you would have thought would be menu, attack, scavenge, were definitely not. The triggers on the Switch control your attacks and your ability to switch quick menu buttons while playing. These controls do take some getting used to if you are used to playing on the PC version.

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