Pagan Online – ARPG developed by Mad Head Games and Wargaming


Pagan Online is an ARPG developed by Mad Head Games and Wargaming. In it, you take on the role of a recently deceased hero in search of the missing gods. While the game is decent, certain elements are holding it back from being a new go-to replacement for already existing ARPGs. A game where you play a recently deceased hero on a quest to fight against creatures from the Shroud and to find the missing gods, restoring them to their thrones in Pantheon in the process. But does this heroic endeavor standup as a go-to ARPG? This is our Pagan Online review for PC/Steam.

Graphics in the game are stylized and have a pretty good feel to them. Characters are very distinct from one another and their movement smooth. While I find them appealing, for the most part, I can see this graphic style turning some players away. The world is beautifully done and the further I progressed through the campaign the more I enjoyed the visuals. The voice acting in the game is cheesy, but it fits well with the aesthetic and the basic story being presented. You begin the game by picking a character, in early builds this was out of 3 options: Kingewitch The Juggernaut, Anya The Blood Ritualist, and Istok The Stalwart Protector. Each character does what it says on the tin and with a unique playstyle that you can change up by spending point in different abilities as you level up. Hopefully, in the release version, you will be able to pick one out of all the heroes due to the currently existing balance issues, see below. The animations are great for the characters giving the combat for each one a unique feel.

There are different types of quests/levels you can choose from in the Battlegate which include the campaign, missions, and assassinations. The campaign is self-explanatory, as you progress further and upgrade the gear might score of a given character you will be able to complete missions to obtain keys that will then let you attempt assassinations. The first time you complete an assassination you will receive an unlock soul that can be used to assess any one of the other heroes. Different assassinations will also drop character-specific shards that can be used to customize your hero’s appearance in the Hero Forge. While in between missions you can easily swap between the heroes you have unlocked by using the Hero Forge, you do have to level each of them up separately though. Combat in the game is the standard fare you have come to expect in an ARPG with different monster types and bosses which will have various special abilities. After getting used to the WASD controls I can see why the developers choose to go that route the more I played. I am happy to say though that for players more interested in more traditional ARPG controls you can switch to point and click to move in the options. I did try using a gamepad for a good 2 hours and to be honest, it was a horrible experience, unless you are diehard for using a controller, I would skip it until the controls are tweaked.

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