Newest Hitman 2 Trailer Extols The Virtues Of The Briefcase


We’re coming up on the launch of Hitman 2 fairly soon and IO Interactive wants players to remember how to be the most inventive and efficient Agent 47 they can possibly be. Sure, for some it’s just about finding the revealed opportunities and playing out a guaranteed kill, but other fans love the thrill of the hunt and assassinating targets in new and inventive ways.

To that end, IO has released a short snippet in their “How To Hitman” series, this time focusing on the briefcase. Not only can you store items in the briefcase, but the new changes to Hitman 2 allow you to throw the item over walls before you jump over and you can leave the briefcase for NPCs to pick up and carry with them. This means that you can go into an area after being frisked and then pick up the briefcase with deadly weapons in it already inside.

You can check out the footage below.

Video by HITMAN

Source: gameinformer

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