MotoGP19 – Game Pays Homage to the Moto-Grand Prix World


MotoGP19 pays homage to the Moto-Grand Prix world. What they get right is that they gear the game directly towards the fans, but they also steer sharply aware from making this game anything more than simply fan-pandering. Gamers looking for quick fun, vehicle customization, and special career planning goals will be disappointed, but if you’re a die hard MotoGP fan, this will certainly delight you.

Milestone is a company that knows racing. Few development studios can compare to the quality and effort that Milestone creates in their titles like the Ride series and their Motocross games. As we watch Milestone evolve each of their games into larger, more ambitious titles, there are certain pieces of their evolutionary process that hit, and others that miss their mark. Enter, MotoGP 19, a racing game built around the Motorcycle Grand Prix racing events. With a wide swath of features, MotoGP is the epitome of a disconnect between an ambitious game, and a mediocre simulation.

In MotoGP19, Milestone prides itself in taking players on a headlights to taillights experience of being a rider in the Motorcycle Grand Prix. From an amateur to a pro, a lot of little pieces have been put together to make each race feel like you’re qualifying for the real-deal. In the career mode, races are broken up by weekends that consist of free practice sessions, qualifying sessions, warm-ups, and then the inevitable race. In theory this is great, it helps you learn the courses, place in the top 10 if you can and prepares you for the big tournament race ahead. In practice though, the majority of the races get boring pretty quickly. The practices and qualifying races all feel the same, and you would have to be some kind of racing fan to run multiple practices around tracks that won’t really affect you much when the actual race is underfoot.

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