Mable & The Wood is one fun game


Mable & The Wood is one fun game. It is one that I will continue playing until I get all of the endings because I like it that much. It is a Metroidvania style game that has slight changes from the original type. From Developer Triplevision Games and Publisher Graffiti Games comes the next Metroidvania type game out there. Mable & The Wood is a game where you need to defeat beasts that become forms that you can copy and change into. You are a character who can shapeshift into many forms, from a fairy to a spider, to a stone golem and more. You will learn more forms as you progress through the game.

The biggest obstacle you will encounter while playing this game is your inability to jump, run, and attack on your own. You have to change forms to fight the creatures that you come up against. The first form is a fairy. In this mode, you will fly up into the air to avoid them and then move to the opposite side of the enemy in question. You call your sword back to your hand to kill the monster. In other modes, you will use different attacks, like in spider mode you shoot webs at the bad guys. You will continue until you have defeated all the great beasts, then you can save your dying world. In the game, there are shops you can visit to get health potions and other items with the in-game currency, diamonds. This will help you once you reach those big boss fights, having the extra potions will help. Beware, you can lose money by getting hit by creatures. It makes it kind of like a Sonic the Hedgehog mechanic. You can collect your diamonds again but only for a very limited time.

In a story where a cult wants you to destroy everything you see, you can decide to be good and not kill anything, or do as they tell you to do. The game gives you choices that will matter further down the road with the multiple endings that you will get to experience as you play. Speaking of multiple things to try out, there are some secret areas that you can find that will potentially help you on your journey. The entire time moving as fast as you can and using whatever forms you have obtained to move further and further into this dying world. sOne key feature in the game that makes it an interesting play is the use of pixels. I love the retro style pixelated characters and game world. I haven’t played a Metroidvania game in so long and this one was a very good jumping in point if you are new to these types of games. It has unique gameplay mechanics and you will lose yourself in the story and action.

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