Legend of Heroes, Trails of Cold Steel PS4


From Developer and Publisher Nihon Falcom comes a Japanese RPG that was originally launched in 2015. It has spanned more systems than people originally thought it would and has been released on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Windows, and now PlayStation 4. You are a young student who has been inducted into a military academy with others of your age, and you are quickly thrown into a story beginning where you are fighting right outside your doors. After a quick battle or two, you travel back two years to where the game really begins.

From the hours been a playing the game this series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The gameplay is relatively unchanged from that of the Windows or PlayStation 3 versions, based on videos I have watched before playing this one on PS4. Playing it myself and it is a very smooth running game. You easily transition from area to area whether walking through doors or just moving from the street to another zone marker.

RPG, Legend of Heroes, Nihon Falcom, #xgamezones

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