Judgment – excellent combat and unique detective mechanics game


If you like previous Yakuza games, Judgment is right up your alley. A spin off that holds its own in the fictional Kamurocho, Judgment is a worthy entry in the world of Ryu ga Gotoku’s Yakuza world. And while I found the story to be sluggish and in its own way at times, it’s excellent combat and unique detective mechanics kept me engaged in my more than 20+ hour playthrough. Judgment is outrageous fun at times, relaxing at others and above all else tells a great story. It’s definitely one I’ll be coming back to over the next few months, uncovering more of Kamurocho’s secrets with its favorite detective.

The world that SEGA’s Yakuza franchise has created as been beloved for about two decades, so being able to explore the seedy underbelly of Kamurocho again was a treat. SEGA’s new game, Judgment, is a spin-off of the Yakuza franchise, and in many ways feels like a successor to 2018’s Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. However, instead of taking the role of a reformed Yakuza, this time you’re stepping into the shoes of a disillusioned lawyer keen to redeem himself for a mistake made three years prior.

Judgment does a great job of setting the stage early. You play Takayuki Yagami, an idealistic former lawyer who, after helping a murderer walk leaves his profession and sets up shop as a private investigator. Yagami and his partner, Masaharu Kaito – an ex-Yakuza brawler – scour the city looking for cases to solve. However, when multiple members of a rival Yakuza gang turn up dead, Yagami is put on the case to defend the person being accused of the crime: Captain Hamura of the Matsugane Yakuza family. What unravels is beyond anything Yagami, Kaito or anyone else thought possible, leading the PI to start investigating a broader conspiracy.

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