Irony Curtain is a Fun Game with a Lot of Heart


You can instantly tell just how much care and attention went into its creation. This ultimately results in a game that’s well-written, well-designed, and confidently wears its satirical tilt on its red sleeves. For me, the brilliant writing was just enough to stave off the tedium of some puzzles. If you are nostalgic for point and click games of old, Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love is worth a look.

Perhaps one of the better game design decisions involved creating an entirely fictional setting for Irony Curtain. As you can probably imagine, Matryoshka is not real. It is, however, a highly satirical exaggerated version of several Cold War era tropes, filled to the brim with secret coded messages, vodka, a Supreme Leader, and femme fatales.

What is most striking about Irony Curtain is the visual design. The game is entirely hand-painted. In fact, from what I was able to gather, Evan appears to be the only 3D model in the whole game given the fact that he needs to move around the screen. The art style is very cartoony, and it’s clear that a lot of love and care went into the design. People who know me know that I prefer photorealism to anything else, but the visual design and obvious care that went into Irony Curtain cannot be ignored.

IronyCurtain, #xgamezones

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