Iratus – Lord of the Dead is a great game to play


Iratus Lord of the Dead is a great game to play and possibly get frustrated with at higher levels because it is a tactical roguelike. If you enjoyed Darkest Dungeon I would wholeheartedly recommend this game. It has that feel but making you the big bad guy with a horde of undead you make and send out to do your bidding.

At first glance, it would be hard not to feel try to compare Iratus: Lord of the Dead to another game, Darkest Dungeon. While esthetically they are similar and both feature not only physical damage but also stress-based damage as well, they are both different beasts in a similar genre. You take up the title role of Iratus, a Necromancer who has recently escaped from his imprisonment in the deep dark cave. From there you set yourself and your faithful undead minions on the task of building a new base of operations as well as exploring the map to lay waste to those who foolishly left you to rot.

You can create a certain few types of minions at first (Skelton, Banshee, Zombie, etc.) and you can unlock more as the game progresses. You can find extra undead troops here and there, but for the most part, you will be building them yourself from scratch. As you defeat various fleshy beings you gain items like bones, hearts and such which you use to make new members of your undead horde. Generally, these are just generic pieces, but sometimes they can be of a higher quality giving your new Skeleton some extra stats or you can use alchemy to make better parts yourself. There is a good variety of creatures you can make with abilities allowing them to destroy the human vermin in various ways. Your undead can also level up through natural means of earning experience or by giving them a rare brain loot drop to instantly level them. As they level you can choose a specific direction for a skill to slightly change its use.

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