HOB Switch Review – Not many RPG claim truly world changing


Way back during Gamescom 2016, I found Hob tacked on the end of a Perfect World booth, overshadowed by the ill-fated Gigantic. While publisher Perfect World may not have given it worth more than a few meters of space, the Torchlight team’s little red protagonist wormed its way into my heart right there and then. After a PC and PlayStation 4 launch that saw some quite troubled times for developer Runic Games, Hob was a definite success and no wonder. This puzzle platforming RPG draws inspiration from a range of classic tales combining polished visuals, enjoyable combat, and intricately designed puzzles. It seems fitting, therefore, that this homage to Zelda finds a place on the Nintendo Switch.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to play the PC or PlayStation 4 release, Hob is an adventure game that drops players into the shoes of an adorable alien sprite. Bright blue eyes, shrouded in red, beam out from this hooded figure and a huge granite appendage sprouts from our hero as this adorable protagonist sets out to explore a world consumed by a malevolent purple goo. As this haze steadily chokes the lush green environment that clings on, our hero must navigate hostile wildlife, dangerous obstacles, and a series of transformative puzzles to save the entire planet.

HOB, Switch Games, #xgamezones

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