Golden Treasure – filled with intrigue and mystery game


Golden Treasure – The Great Green is not only storytelling at its poetic finest, but also a visual masterpiece that effortlessly intrigues your willingness to explore, conquer, be defeated then start all over, again and again, to see where your choices send you or what treasure you may find in a bid to unlock every collectible treasure. It is riveting to those who prefer a whimsically written good book, captivating if you would much rather watch an enchanting movie and an absolute must-have to play if you adore both forms of media while interacting with puzzles, events, and personalities scattered liberally along your treasure enticed pathway.

It starts as a flutter, a whisper introducing you as a draak (dragon) in search of your way, your place in this world as your instincts urge you on to the Great Green. So many decisions to step tenderly into as a baby draak but straight away you are confronted by the reality of being this magical mythological creature urging you to behave like the draak you are meant to be immediately! That’s how Golden Treasure – The Great Green began for me striking a rebellious chord encouraging me to see what would happen if I made the most fierce of decisions straight away like a true warrior draak. Of course, this was a mistake so I found out pretty quickly that you get three chances but should death occur the fourth time you start again at the beginning of the current – or any previously completed – chapter.

Golden Treasure – The Great Green has a rhythm all its own that is almost meditative especially once you realize that there are collectibles to achieve in artifacts, tarot cards and gallery unlocks. What really grabbed my heartstrings and took me on a merry jaunt though, was the poetic introduction to each creature within this painted wonderland. Every denizens personality is so thoughtfully written your imagination does exactly what you think that beautiful animal might truly do should it meet you as a draak. Each living creature has a reason to exist which you can respect even knowing that soon it may become sustenance because as a draak you must eat, you must devour, you must destroy. As you learn you draak cycles you also learn to honor life within the balance of the 4 elements you are striving to level up as you grow. This is the way and the wonder of being a draak. How does such a majestic creature truly exist that holds such high regard for life and destruction? Dream Door Studio developers have created an opportunity for players to weave a vivid tapestry that centers around life and death as we may have never considered it.

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