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Elsweyr isn’t going to shatter your perception of Elder Scrolls Online. If you like the game already, you’ll love this expansion. Couple it with the ESO Plus membership which gives you ALL the DLC, free store currency and the crafting bag, there’s not a reason to give it a try. Especially as buying the game will get you all previous campaigns (DLC can be bought or accessed through ESO Plus). If you’ve not played ESO since around 2016, the game has got it’s shit in order and has gone from strength to strength. It’s got its core experience down, and Zenimax is now focused on delivering a steady stream of high-quality content. Just like Elsweyr. If you’re still salty about not getting an online Skyrim; get over yourself. Elsweyr is great and if you don’t agree you’ve probably spent the last month with your face in a massive pile of moon sugar, like Tony Montana at the end of Scarface.

Elder Scrolls Online is a bit like skooma. At first, it was unrefined, jagged, and incomplete like the moon sugar that is the base ingredient. Nevertheless, I still gleefully rolled up a Nirnroot leaf to bang a fat line of Tenmar Forest’s finest. As time went on, the Dunmer got hold of it (funnily enough, Morrowind was the first online expansion), slapped something deadly in and the whole world got hooked on a world that had taken it’s time to slowly be refined, explored, and appreciated by its audience. Two expansions later and ESO is being shipped out across the world like skooma in hundreds of Khajiiti caravans. As the years have gone on it’s received universal praise for its regular DLC content and highly polished expansions in the way of Morrowind and Summerset. The third major expansion, Elsweyr, takes us to the home of the Khajiit, and by Talos.

You don’t need to have played the previous expansions to get up to date with the story in Elsweyr, but as with all expansions that drop you in further forward in time away from the initial start point, there are continuous characters that veterans will recognize and new players will see for the first time. There’s a reason to start a new character this time around; the necromancer class (more on that later). Each expansion has its own tutorial area and it’s essential to play it through at least once so to set the scene for Elsweyr. The short version is that Abnur Tharn’s (from the original ESO campaign) sister has gone bananas, invaded Elsweyr possibly with the help of a rage of dragons. Is rage a collective noun for dragons? Elsweyr sets out to answer this, and many other, questions.

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