Effie – most complex action-adventure-platformer game


Effie isn’t the most complex action-adventure-platformer out there, and it isn’t the most challenging. In this case, the lack of these features actually work well, as Effie delivers on a game where simplicity and nostalgia fuel a desire to continue playing. The game in its entirety is very short, but it definitely is one of the child friendly games that should be on the top of the list for younger gamers and new recruits to the genre.

When it comes to action-adventure platformers, there are some that bombard you with immersive backstories, colorful characters and a long overarching plot with many twists and turns to keep you invested. Effie isn’t that kind of game. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this plucky 3D action game by Inverge Studios. In a world of old-school throwbacks and spiritual successors, Effie hopes to eke out an existence among them with a look and feel of some of the greatest games to ever embrace the genre.

For starters, Effie isn’t the main character. Effie is a young girl, who is being told the story of Galand and his, seemingly evil nemesis Melira by none other than the hero himself. The way the story presents itself is a little strange and mildly hokey. Galand begins his journey after being cursed by Melira simply because he didn’t help her fix her cart when it broke. His slothfulness was ultimately his downfall, and the curse aged him with little to no hope of a cure. Eventually he finds a group of protectors that assure him that they can aid him, but only if his heart is true.

Effie, #xgamezones

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