Draugen – Narrative Adventure and Historically-based games


Draugen is a first-person narrative adventure from Red Thread Games. As with their previous work on Dreamfall Chapters, developers have provided players with a breathtaking, interesting world to explore that is set in a historical era and location that is little seen in games today. Wandering through the world is a visual and aural treat that is somewhat let down by two divergent mysteries that are never adequately explored or resolved.

As someone who genuinely loves both narrative adventure and historically-based games, I was immediately intrigued by Draugen from Red Thread Games. Called a “Fjord Noir tale of suspense and mystery”, the game travels down two distinct tracks that never quite seems to weave together cohesively.

Backing up a bit, Red Thread Games is led by Ragnar Tørnquist, once with Funcom and well-known for his work on The Secret World, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. Red Thread is the development team behind Dreamfall Chapters as well. In short, the developers bring a wealth of experience to Draugen and it shows.

Draugen, #xgamezones

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