Dark Future – Enjoyable Romp in a Post-Apocalyptic World


Dark Future Blood Red States is a great game for a niche audience interested in a post-apocalyptic single player mix of car combat and rail shooter. The combat is engaging and fun with elements that allow players to make strategic choices. Auroch Digital has really done well brining this Games Workshop title to the PC. While the gameplay can get repetitive it is great for people who may just want to jump in and cause some havoc for a few missions or for those of us just can’t help but do just one more mission.

The main menu has a clean layout with a retro appearance supporting it is the 80’s synthesizer music, which can quickly become repetitive, but more on that later. Audio settings are limited but functional. Graphics settings are easy to adjust being both intuitive and satisfying. You can easily rebind keys, even using a Logitech Gamepad for those that prefer a controller. If you find the default green UI color scheme, not to your liking there are a limited amount of alternate color palettes, including an all pink option. I did notice, however, that each time you returned to the main menu from inside the game it played the narrative again, while tedious it was nice that you could at least skip it by hitting the ESC key.

Starting a new season, which is how the game presents story arcs for the different operatives/drivers, I was prompted to take the tutorial as a first-time player. Unfortunately, I was still adjusting options and aborted the tutorial. It took me awhile to notice that on the mission tab you could go back into the tutorial by simply clicking on the bottom left mission and hitting the launch button. Once I did though, the tutorials were straight forward and well explained. At first, the command mode felt a bit cumbersome you’ll have to learn to love it very quickly as it can mean the difference between success and failure on any given mission.

DarkFuture, #xgamezones

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