Conquerors Blade – great game to play for both casual and dedicated players


Conqueror’s Blade is genuinely fun. The battles are frantic, the breadth of units is awesome, and the variety of game modes and diverse places to progress mean that Conqueror’s Blade is a great game to play for both casual and dedicated players. Its open-ended and broad nature also mean that there are plenty of avenues to explore, whether on the world map, in terms of mechanics, or even progression. Just be prepared for to sink the necessary amount of time to enjoy all that it has to offer.

I’ve progressed somewhat, veering away from House battles and focusing more on my own character progression. I’ve had a lot of fun expanding my repertoire of weapons and units, as well as exploring the various types of battles. I’ve also had more time to really pay attention to smaller details that can add to or take away from the enjoyment. Generally speaking, visuals and sound for a game are typically supportive of gameplay. When done poorly, they can detract from a game. Fortunately, Conqueror’s Blade doesn’t suffer too much in this department, but some variation in sound effects would really help. Relatedly, the game performs very well. I rarely find myself lagging due to either frame rate or ping, suggesting that the game is well optimized. There are no slowdowns when the screen is full of friendly and enemy units, even on my modest machine. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

That said, progression in Conqueror’s Blade is, as you may imagine, slow. Whether leveling your own character or units, it may take many battles before you see some the experience bars move an appreciable amount. Conqueror’s Blade offers experience booster items for battles and premium status for accounts, which may be worthwhile to those who play more casually and have money to spend. Experience boosters can be earned through quests, but I don’t know how often they’re awarded. I don’t feel a pay-to-win vibe, although it’s safe to say that a significant investment of time will be necessary to enjoy higher tier troops, with or without boosters. Building your units involves unlocking them through honor points and outfitting them with weapons. A 30-man unit requires 30 kits of an appropriate weapon type. You can outright buy the unit with in-game currency, but that becomes prohibitively expensive over time. Crafting weapon kits for your units requires traveling the realms and harvesting appropriate materials, but this, too, carries risks. As mentioned above, you can expect to obtain those high tier troops will take somewhere to the tune of ‘forever’ to get to, but I suspect that will make their acquisition all the more enjoyable.

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