Astrologaster – Calm, Soothing Aura to the Game


Astrologaster is not a game that is meant to be rushed through. The moving, paper-doll like characters have small quirks and ticks that you notice in their movements and facial features. The dialogue gives you clues into each of the characters’ personalities and hidden motives. The madrigals are cleverly written and satisfying to listen to in between consultations. Even the calming soundtrack in the background does wonders for immersing the stargazer into Dr. Forman’s world, and adds a calm, soothing aura to the game. The charming graphics, coupled with the fantastic voice work and intriguing narrative on their own all definitely warrant giving this game a play through.

It has been an eventful year for the UK-based independent developer Nyamyam. May 2nd, 2019 saw the first release of their newest title Astrologaster for the iOS system, and May 9th will bring the game to both PC and Mac via Steam. Astrologaster promises a light-hearted narrative based on the life of a little known astrologer at the time. Was there any merit to his findings, or was he merely telling his patients what they wanted to hear? You decide how to interpret the patterns in the stars and unconsciously weave together the lives of your unwitting patients.

Nyamyam’s creative director Jennifer Schneidereit first came across the idea for the game when she saw the University of Cambridge’s Dr. Lauren Kassell present her research on Simon Forman’s casebooks. From then on, she fell in love with and completely immersed herself in the world of Simon Forman and his peculiar studies. The game’s website proudly boasts that the inspiration for the consultations comes from Dr. Forman’s real patient records, carefully investigated by Dr. Kassel’s own research team in cooperation with Nyamyam.

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