Another Sight Weaves Tail or Two – visuals are breathtaking and the visual storytelling is ingenious


Another Sight is a deeply original tale that rewards players for taking a more leisurely stroll through its world. The visuals are breathtaking and the visual storytelling is ingenious. The symbiotic relationship between Hodge and Kit is a great touch and despite the obvious control issues, you will enjoy a tumble into this underworld. I first got my hands on Another sight way back in 2018. An indie title, developer Great Lunar Wall brought it to London’s EGX REezzed and this charming tale of two protagonists instantly charmed me. Initially launching on PC back in 2018, Another Sight is about to delve down this rabbit hole on Switch and PS4. The title follows the misadventure of a girl named Kit as she endures an unexpected tumble that leaves her cut off from her family and bereft of her sight. Stuck in the lower reaches of Victorian London, she is unexpectedly joined by a mysterious cat named Hodge. Another sight might look like a fairly traditional 2D puzzle adventure but developer Great Lunar Wall takes a new and interesting twist on the well-worn paths of similar titles.

Unlike many other narratives, this particular tale is told through the eyes of two characters and neither of them are quite what they seem. Kit, the daughter of a well to do Victorian family, is left largely blind by the accident that befalls her at the start of the game’s narrative. The result of this allows Great Lunar Wall to explore a different sort of world. Kit ends up exploring her world through sound. Her own personal space is expressed in dull ambient hues of purple and blue that radiate out from her and change as unexpected noises penetrate the darkness. As Kit ventures into this subterranean adventure, tube trains surge by illuminating everything on screen in a bright hue, electricity crackles blue, and the gush of water unleashes a bright torrent of light.

This approach turns mundane and fantastical into something extraordinary and feeds the illusions that the world around Kit is something more than we know. With a total of six distinct environments to explore, Great Lunar Wall uses this idea to great effect. The various themes are a striking, beautiful blend of ideas from Monet inspired watercolor to steampunk machines and deep sea aquariums. Narratively, this helps to set the tone of the story and depicts the personality of several historically significant figures that appear throughout the game. It also continues to blur the line between reality and fantasy. At several points, I was not entirely sure if the events of Another Sight were the ravings of a delirious mind or part of a fantastical world which takes clear inspiration from Gaiman’s Neverwhere novel and even Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

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