Anno 1800 – If you’re a fan of city builders this is for you?


Anno 1800, the latest installment in the Anno series is not just another City Builder. It’s a great addition to the genre and the series. With new mechanics, great graphics design, and a fantastic soundtrack, there’s not much to dislike about the game. If you’re a fan of city builders, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of Anno 1800. Prepare to lose a lot of your spare time, you’re going to sink a lot of time into this game!

What I like about Anno 1800 is that it doesn’t hold your hands. I don’t like being on rails, being forced to build certain things at certain times, and simply being limited. Like I said I’m not great at these kinds of games, part of what makes them fun is my failure. You have 3 modes to play, Campaign, Sandbox, and Multiplayer, for the purposes of this review I stuck with Sandbox mode. It should be noted, however, that once you finish the full campaign missions the game automatically enters sandbox mode, which is awesome. To begin your sandbox mode you have to choose a difficulty, or set up a custom difficulty, I chose normal because reasons. You start on a random island, each island has a unique fertility setting that shows you what grows there, and what resources are available. You start with a dock and a Capital ship, which has enough resources to occupy one additional island. Your choice is to either establish on the island given to you or explore and find a better one hopefully.

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