Stunt Park Racer


Stunt Park Racer is a sandbox racing game. Sometimes you just wanna rev up and roll out. Scoring points, pulling off stunts, getting combos, racing other players: you can do that anywhere. But just tooling around in your custom ride with tricked out wheels, your choice of spoiler and chic colored side panels, well, you can only do that here. Stunt Park Racer is a game for the true gearheads who know that cars are built for driving and driving is its own reward. Gear up and get down with an array of ramps, jumps, bridges, and other cool obstacles that are just begging for you to ride them. You’re always the top driver when there is no competition and the only rule here is “have fun.” Stunt Park Racer is a single-player driving sandbox for those who like to chillax at 80 mph.

Use your arrow pad to rev up your car and start driving. Left turns left, right turns right and down is break. Use the up arrow to activate the engine.


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