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Swords of Gargantua – sword play just doesn’t feel accurate enough

Swords of Gargantua is a dull affair overall. Sure, when it’s working flawlessly it can be enjoyable, but the sword play just doesn’t feel accurate enough overall to make it stand out

Preview: Accounting+ Oculus Launch Trailer Reminds You Of The Wonder Of VR

[kkstarratings] When Accounting launched a few years ago, the employment-comedy virtual reality genre was still pretty nascent though large enough to have spawned a number of differently themed games already. The PlayStation

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review – A New Experience In A Familiar Genre

[kkstarratings] The platformer has been a video game staple for decades and for good reason. Understanding the genre’s mechanics are quick and easy, it affords the opportunity to create fascinating worlds worth

The Crew 2 Gets Free Weekend On PC With New Update

[kkstarratings] If you like cars, and also like driving in those cars, then Ubisoft is eager for you to take The Crew 2 for a spin. The open world driving game released

Nintendo Switch Eshop Adds A Ton Of Games This Week

[kkstarratings] Between the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online service and a new sale in the Eshop, it’s been a busy week for Nintendo’s hybrid console. That applies to its newest batch

Red Dead Redemption 2 Details Hunting

[kkstarratings] We’re weeks away from the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and Rockstar is ramping up with a steady stream of new details. Today the studio outlined the wide variety of