Fade of Silence – Is it One of the Best Survival Game?


Fade to silence game culminates into an expert combination of storytelling, survival, and community management, leaving me quite satisfied with the result. True, there are a lot of survival games out there, and aside from obvious clones, each is trying to find their niche to hopefully push their game, their story, into something more than the standard fare. For me, though not perfect, this game hits that goal. Well done.

Winter isn’t coming. It’s here already, and it’s staying. In the bleak, frozen, and corrupted wasteland of the future, Ash struggles to keep his daughter and whatever remainder of humanity he can find alive. Himself? He can’t seem to stay dead. At least not until the corruption overtakes him. In the distant past of Ash’s existence, a high-level scientific experiment gone wrong unleashed this corruption and unending winter on the world, but what is his connection to it? Can he discover the truth and save those around him before he succumbs to the unending embrace of darkness all while ensuring his own daily survival? Or will his voice Fade to Silence? This is our review of THQ Norc and Black Forest Games’ Fade to Silence.

From the onset of the game, the player is made aware of what seems to be a personification of the widespread corruption, itself. For some reason, this being has chosen our hero, Ash, to kill, resurrect, and kill again. The various corruption monsters you encounter while out and about picking daisies are apparently dumbed down, feral extensions of its will. While not zombies, per se, I’m pretty sure that once you are dead they eat your brains.

FadeToSilence, #xgamezones

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