Eden Rising – Open World Exploration Game


Eden Rising is a nicely constructed open-world exploration game with a side of tower defense thrown in. Nvizzio Creations has created a vibrant world to explore, complete with a simple yet effective crafting element. Free to Play gamers initially only have access to a dozen hours or so of content, but can experience the complete game by joining up online.

You got your tower defense in my open world. No, you got your open world in my tower defense. Two great genres that play great together. At least that is what developer Nvizzio Creations is hoping for with their hybrid adventure game Eden Rising. Your time in Eden Rising starts off with a familiar sci-fi trope: you have unearthed an ancient text with blueprints for a portal. Once built and activated, you are the brave guinea pig that gets to go through. When you arrive on the other side you find yourself on an inhospitable planet. So much so that the toxic air starts to eat away your skin. That’s when the Steward, an AI left behind by an ancient race, offers to transform your body so you can survive. Accepting its aid comes at a price: you must become Warden of the Crucibles scattered across the planet, restoring all of them to access the archives held within. And so begins your adventure.

Available on PC via Steam, Eden Rising released on May 17 with two options: the Free to Play Explorer Edition and the paid Ascendant Edition. With the Explorer Edition, you have access to the first 3 areas of the game, with an estimated 12+ hours of gameplay ahead of you. The Ascendant Edition opens up 35+ hours of gameplay, with 7 areas to explore and 67 sieges to complete. You can play solo or jump online for up to 8 player co-op fun. Even better, if the server host has the Ascendant Edition, all players who join their world will have access to all content. Without a cash shop to generate revenue, requiring just one person per server to purchase the paid version is a good compromise between cost and content available.

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