Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a bold step in the FPS genre


Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a bold step in the FPS genre. It adds the portal mechanic to a fast paced, team shoot-em-up, but the melding isn’t perfect. The visuals, although technically well designed, are artistically uninspired and ho-hum. Moreover, although there are a variety of game modes, the variety only puts a dent in the flawed game design. Even so, the game lends itself well to an eSports format, but doesn’t force it – meaning the game fits both casual and dedicated playstyles. In sum, Splitgate: Arena is a game that really struggles with its identity, and that focus ultimately relegates a potentially great game to mediocrity.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began playing Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Having cut my teeth on classic arena FPS games, I knew that Splitgate had a daunting task – to either revolutionize or revolutionize the FPS genre in the contemporary gaming market. Considering the monumental nature of that task, I set aside my usual pessimism and jumped in to see what the game could offer.

As an arena shooter, Splitgate: Arena Warfare looks ok. The backgrounds and level design are nice, but not amazing. The models are not terrible, but the skins themselves are dull. Perhaps there were constraints based on available models, but once I set my character’s look, I stopped caring about my own skins, and I certainly never had time to take a detailed look at my opponents’ skins.

Splitgate, #xgamezones

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